Tuesday, April 20, 2010

English gardeners

They were on their hands and knees as we past them in their front garden on Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, rearranging their plants in a neat and methodical manner. They had been in the USA since last October and they love it here. She is an engineer and he a school teacher. I was miserable because I was cold and had not been able to concentrate on our own gardening activities, that of buying plants at the wonderful Gowanus Nursery down the street.

"But this is a perfect English summer's day," he reminded me. (Temperature: 58
degrees Fahrenheit.)


  1. Oh, that's us!
    Great photo, hope to see you in the neighbourhood again sometime soon.

  2. I enjoyed your series of couple photos. On the 2010 census, where it asks for race, my friend wrote in: "human race."


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