Friday, October 15, 2010

Artist in leather

Jason Ross with his vintage machine. He makes jewelry, belts, wallets and bags in leather. He bought the machine for $50 from a shoe maker in Philadelphia who told him that it did not work and why. Jason took it home and found that the shoe maker's diagnosis was wrong. All it needed was a replacement cotter pin. He learnt how to shape, form and hammer leather on YouTube.

Jason lives with
Natasha Chekoudjian in one of Red Hook's converted factory gems. It overlooks Coffey Park where they walk their white American bull dog, Stella. I tried to photograph all three of them earlier this year but it did not work. Got some good shots of Stella and our Louis on another occasion though. August Sander took some good ones of men with dogs.


  1. Nice shot. Very well-composed with the elbow on the right complimenting the hand on the far left guiding the wheel. I'm so encouraged by all these younger artisans rejecting mass-production for hand-made quality. I wish he looked happier.

  2. The mirror broken up into panels makes for an interesting background.


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