Saturday, October 30, 2010

Germaine Greer

It is the 40th Anniversary of the publication of "The Female Eunuch". Loved in London, where she appears regularly on TV shows, now hardly known here. I never meet anybody who has read her books, but after forty years "The Female Eunuch" is still in print. Not bad.

I remember her clearly; quick, funny, friendly, but very serious about her believes. Did not at all mind moving furniture with me to get a clearer view by the window. Never cared much about what she wore.
She wears simple and comfortable clothes, and occasionally, in her youth, removed them for a photographer. She seldom dressed up for them.


  1. Never cared about having a flattering photo taken of her apparently too. I mean I can't ever recall seeing any photo of a woman using her hands to not only draw attention to her ample butt, but (no pun intended) actually using them make it appear larger. Then maybe she's just comfortable in that position. It may have been cold too, and this is one way to warm ones hands.

  2. Strong woman -- she could probably make a male eunuch out of me.


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