Sunday, December 5, 2010

Carly again

Here is Carly again - no longer working at Goodbye Blue Monday - now devoting her life to her art - portrait painting. Photograph was taken at Goodbye Blue Monday on her nearly last day. The place is looking as inviting as ever and is soon to be serving twenty-seven varieties of toasted cheese sandwich. I suggested to Matthew, a GBM senior manager, a twenty-eighth. Welsh Rarebit, chedder cheese with the addition of Worcestershire sauce or mustard. There is an English colony in Bushwick, who I know are frequenters of GBM, so there will be takers.


  1. I love the blues and reds in this photograph. It is a very flattering shot.

  2. Dimitri, this is wonderful! I'm flattered by your collection of photographs of me. Its quite a compliment having your photo taken by someone so talented. Thank you! Ask Caroline to contact me on Facebook next time you guys are planning on coming to GBM.

  3. Lovely woman complimented nicely by the moody colors.


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