Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Couple by street light

I'd like to know more about these two. Sometimes I'm only interested in the shape or expression of people I photograph. But with these two, I would like to know more, because she is dressed differently from him, more formally and with a bag and scarf, and he is in just a thin sweater. Also she spoke not a word to me, yet he was warm and forthcoming about having the picture taken, but as it was nearing eleven o'clock and they had not eaten, I could not keep them any longer. I had already dragged them out from their table that they had just settled into.


  1. She's a well-known singer named Annie Clark, although she goes by the stage name "St. Vincent."

  2. If it's shape and expression that piques your interest, you couldn't have chosen two more lovely people. The disparity between what couples wear on occasion, or even demeanor (he being very outspoken and she more reserved) doesn't seem to matter that much anymore so long as there's other, deeper elements of compatibility at play. These two seem quite happy.

  3. Yes, I thought it might be Annie as well...


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