Tuesday, December 21, 2010


You seldom know what people are talking about or feeling when you are observing them. Before I took this picture, I had been watching the couple and I thought from their expressions that they didn't know each other well. They were being polite and careful. After this show of aggressive surprise, I am not sure.


  1. I haven't heard the phrase "aggressive surprise" before but it perfectly describes her expression. A great captured moment.

  2. haha, her expression is priceless!

  3. You know this kind of reminds me of that 'Couple by Street Light' you posted later right down to his gray sweat shirt and her wild hair. Her expression could mean a lot of things apart from aggression. Perhaps for instance he just mentioned the passing of a mutual friend that she wasn't aware of yet? Or that unbeknown st to her in passing he mentions that the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce will after all allow Walmart to build there. Or that Michael Vick will begin playing for the Giants.


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