Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Two elbows, one bottle

In order for a digital camera to see to focus in low light it has to be assisted by a spotlight built into the camera that shines without your asking when the subject is too dim for the automatic focus too cope. This is very irritating and can ruin the shot. Here the subjects were so absorbed in each other that if you had shone a search light at them they would not have noticed.

The photograph was taken at Marlow and Sons in Williamsburg, a place where they understand the romance of candlelight (the whole room is more or less lit by candlelight), the right music, making people feel welcome, and service.

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  1. Very reminiscent of the work of one of my favorite French painters, Georges de La Tour. Candlelight is very comforting (except as you say, sometimes for photographers working with digital cameras), and this seems like a great idea. Ecologically correct too! I hope though, all the tables weren't communal ones like the one here.


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