Saturday, April 23, 2011

Draftswoman and soap maker

When asked by Caroline if I could photograph her, she replied, "I mean, I have totally never had a good picture taken of me."

Gwen is an architectural draughtswoman during the day. At night she goes down into her basement and makes soap and oils that smell deliciously of lavender and geranium.

She sells them regularly at the Beacon farmer's market and online at:

Caroline had mentioned her as a possible subject several times and this weekend we found her at a craft fair in Beacon. I pulled gently on her arm protesting that we both thought she had a wonderful face. Could she please spare five minutes, ask her friend to look after the stall and come with me.

I had found a place with good light two doors down in the entrance to an empty store.


  1. Look at YOU!! Pretty pretty girl. :~)

  2. If Gwen wrote a book, this would have to be on the jacket cover, it's wonderful!

  3. Gwen, you are BEAUTIFUL. What great eyes you have. If I had never met you, I would think, "THAT is an interesting woman. I want to get to know her!"

  4. What a beautiful photograph. The light is wonderful and the subject is stunning. I agree so much with what Swan said!

  5. Dimitri! It looks wonderful!

    It was great meeting you, and I had so much fun! Hope to see you again soon!

  6. She does have a wonderful face. This photo reminds me of a beautiful Vermeer painting.


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