Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sixteen year-old

If there is any success in this photograph it is due to the calm of the sitter and her choice of colors, both of her hair and her dress. Her hair, of course, is the luck of her birth, but her dress is her sense of style she has developed.

She sings solo for her school, the national anthem at special events, and in chorus at concerts, lately at Carnegie Hall. She cooks desserts and speaks French with her mother. Loves English and liked, "seeing herself in a new light."

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  1. The contrast between the colors of her dress, hair, and skin tone is quite stunning. Her resolute calm stance and expression as well, heightens the graphic play. And I love the way those few green leaves in the background act as ornaments complimenting the waves of her hair and filigree of her dress. Reminiscent of Balthus. Very nice.


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