Monday, July 11, 2011

Risi and Sandy Saunders

She climbed the steep wooden steps up to the second floor loft without fuss, holding firmly to Sandy's hand and then mine as she reached the top of the stairs. A moment's positioning and a plea from me not to let go of the way she was gripping her son and the picture was taken.

Sandy's family have farmed and lived on the property for 200 years, where he has a herd of Black Angus cattle.

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  1. You're right, this is an interesting stance. At first there seemed to be an ambiguity of just who's supporting who, but then it became apparent that they're clearly supporting each other equally. I can't recall another picture that achieves this sense of unity this well. There's also a nice rythmic interplay going on with the arms, how the angles harmoniously echo each anothers which in turn, plays nicely against the rythme of the angular barn beams in the background. Lovely family portrait.


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