Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Woman with husband

We first saw her with her two children sitting in the shade listening to guitar music at the farmers' market. The way she sat reminded me of a photograph by August Sander called The wife of painter Peter Abelen and her daughter. Her looks too are similar — lean, closely cropped hair, relaxed limbs. Not as cross looking though.

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  1. Did a Google image search to compare but unfortunately no luck. There was a Sander shot titled 'The wife of painter Peter Abelen', but the figure in that photo was standing 'Pierrot Lunaire'-like instead of sitting (though her loose-fitting clothing was similar). In Google's selection though, there was one portrait photo titled 'Peasant Bride, Westerwald', where the subject's expression and facial features looked remarkably akin to the woman here. Anyway, those eyes. They're the focal point here, absolutely mesmerizing; as if possessed. They're also unfortunately, very similar to Michelle Bachmann's, though I'm sure that's where the resemblance begins and ends.


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