Thursday, September 8, 2011

George Carlin

Our 20 year-old son Nicholas left for Heavenly, Lake Tahoe, California 2 days before the storm. He said he was now ready to live alone, away from home, because he had listened to Mr. Carlin's monologues. These, he said, had equipped him with the wisdom to enable him to live a prosperous and fulfilling life. We left on the best of terms because I told Nicholas how much I had enjoyed my hour with Mr. Carlin in 1985. I have now begun to listen to the broadcasts on YouTube myself, and although I recently had my 79th birthday, I may still be able to benefit from some of Mr Carlin's perception.


  1. My hero! Or at least one of them anyway. I first saw him on the 'Tonight Show' and have followed him ever since. Probably the one thing I admired most about him was that at least in his stand-up, he was ALWAYS topical. He was outspoken on social issues and never had a problem, (I mean, 'welcomed the chance') to speak truth to power. Like many progressives though, sadly his brand of comedy became quite bitter in the wake of Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton, and especially W.. He loathed censorship, hypocrisy, and complacency. Later in life he also became highly critical of 'factory farming' as well as a strong animal rights advocate (of course because he loved animals; but more so because he came to believe that more often than not, animals actually behaved more humanely than people). A remarkable comedian sure; though unlike most entertainers, a ruthlessly honest and extraordinarily brave man as well. Very nice portrait.

  2. Yes, absolutely. my most favorite commentator of our generation. Sad to know he is gone. Great Photo.


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