Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Massage therapy

We were looking for an unused or disused industrial building in Newburgh NY in which to display my photographs of the city next summer, to coincide with the publication of the book. We passed this young man having his shoulders massaged.


  1. Very nice. The quiet rhythm created by their tilted heads, complimentary expressions, and penetrating gazes is wonderfully engaging. A couple of weeks ago New York magazine ran a feature story about Newburgh, essentially describing it as one of the most crime-ridden, impoverished cities in the State. Less than affluent I get, though having been familiar with many of your photos taken there, I never come away sensing any trace of bitterness or malcontent among your subjects. More often than not in fact, they seem quite content.

  2. Such a handsome couple. The background colors on the white brick match the colors of their clothing so perfectly. Love both of their expressions too.

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