Sunday, November 27, 2011

Natalie Forteza, singer

I have always liked being chauffeured by a good driver in a nice car. This happened to me last week when Natalie Forteza turned up to be photographed and gave me a lift to the studio. She had a small Volkswagen SUV. Plenty of room, smooth ride and quiet. Shan't be happy till we get one. 

On the telephone Natalie had said, "I have asked my younger sister to meet us there—just to give me moral support." She turned up precisely at the appointed time, sat on a hay bale, out of sight and as quiet as a mouse.

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  1. The lighting here is ideal, defining and simultaneously illuminating her features very nicely. The way it plays on her curls, echoing the curvature of her earrings, and shimmers on those pleats harmonize beautifully. Likewise, your ability to capture the wide array of subtle variations of her skin tone (exposed and not) adds an additional distinctive luminescence. Her uncanny resemblance to Audrey Tautou is also appealing. Gorgeous.


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