Thursday, November 10, 2011

Family group

The suit does not mean that our son Nicholas has joined Goldman Sachs. He was back from California for his aunt's wedding and had to dress accordingly. It was more than my life was worth not to record this, as we seldom see him in anything as formal.


  1. I won't have recognized your son. You are correct. You had to take this photo.

  2. Wonderful portrait of Caroline, Nicholas, and Louis! You're right, Nicholas does look a little out of his element (never imagined him on Wall St., though if he followed up on that modeling career he once considered, he'd be sporting threads like this for Ralph Lauren or Burberry by now), but no, that's unmistakably him. Lovely as usual, Caroline appears as the quintessential casual matron. Louis, center stage, as well is clearly at home here too. He looks to the side but he is firmly planted among kin. That leash I take it, was an afterthought.


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