Saturday, December 3, 2011


Caroline has gone to Southern Italy to see her aunts and cousins. The next five photographs were taken in 1989 when we were both there.

Before she left on her trip, I said that because I won't have to take her and collect her from the bus that she catches to commute to White Plains, I must make good use of that extra hour a day. "Re-calk the bath and put up the towel rack." she replied.


  1. Love the way the light radiates and at times flashes throughout this image; complimenting nicely with the flowing patterns of her dress and contrasting equally nicely with her pitch-black bob. Her skin tone coincidentally, not so much balances, but more so harnesses these two visual extremes perfectly. Stunning!

    I take it the bath is now good as new.

  2. It is better but the best thing you can say about my workmanship is that I used the right colour caulk.


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