Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Joy Setton at Fort Defiant Café

This is a photograph of a stranger, but with the help of the staff at Fort Defiant Café in Red Hook, Brooklyn, I discovered that it is the writer Joy Setton. I took the picture a couple of summers ago and have since read her articles in Taki's Magazine. One that particularly struck me was about money in the art world from fifteenth century Florence to today. Amongst other aspects of banking then and today, she writes about usury, the origins of bankruptcy, letters of credit, how much gold a woman could wear, and, "Bankers in fifteenth-century Florence were so wealthy that even rulers envied them."
Click here for article in Taki's Magazine


  1. I like the way she looks so absorbed in her writing while the man in the print stares out at the viewer as if he were some sort of guardian insisting her privacy and concentration be respected. The flow of the curves of the chairs as well compliment her hat nicely. Good shot!

  2. What a lovely character she is with the era-spanning combination of hat and laptop.


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