Monday, January 23, 2012

Yunus, Kaan, Annette and Kemal

Annette is Swedish and Kemal is Turkish. They live here in Garrison. I asked Annette if the children were trilingual. "The children are American—they speak a little bit of everything." 

In 1964 I spent some time in Turkey photographing for the Turkish Tourist Bureau. One day I was on a beach of silver sand at Kizkalesi looking at the Crusader castle that lies 200 yards out in the Mediterranean sea. There was no-one on the beach except a fisherman with his rowing boat who had just landed his catch. He grilled me a sea bass. I have judged every fish I have eaten by this one. None has quite equaled it.

Kemal and his family recently spent eight months in Turkey. "The fish in Istanbul is still excellent," Kemal told me.

"The fish here in Garrison tastes of nothing." His eldest son Kaan added.

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  1. The setting and clothes look very European... Would never have guessed it was a domestic location. Must be the eye of the photographer that filtered it down to the classical.


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