Sunday, May 27, 2012

Celebratory spirit

As promised, here is the celebratory spirit I said I would find. We reached our goal on Kickstarter and are going ahead with the proposed exhibition. But the smile we see here is also a very natural vivacity, unrelated to a specific event. Here is a greeting that Latoiya would give to those who greeted her, whatever the occasion. We met her today in the heat of the afternoon, taking her three year old nephew to basketball practice.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Don't mess with me! Hurry up—take it! It's  not actually what she said but it sure looks like it. I don't always find that peaceful, enigmatic look I search for. 

But, this weekend I shall look for a face that gives a more celebratory feel, to match our reaching the Kickstarter goal earlier this week. Watch this space! 

If you or a friend were considering a pledge, Kickstarter will gladly receive them until June 5th. One's project is allowed to be over subscribed. We have indeed reached our goal, but we still need funds to pay our interns and volunteers who will be helping with printing, mounting and installation. The expert help required with the printer, and the cherry picker operator for installing the work, must also be paid.

Giving a talk at the Newburgh Library, Thursday 24th May, at 7.00 PM.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Three Blades

I ran down Chambers Street in Newburgh to catch up with these young men. They agreed to my photographing them but immediately took off. They shouted and waved at me as they disappeared down the street, "We'll be back!" I waited five or ten minutes. Then, there they suddenly were, dressed much as they had been when they left me, but... they had all changed their shoes. In spite of the gleam and marvelous colors of their sneakers—jet black, shining like patent leather, to piercing lime green—I liked this shot the best. It showed their beauty, style and physique—what had caught my eye in the first place. 

Please visit Kickstarter to consider pledging support for the outdoor exhibition of mural size prints we plan to display on the wall of The Ritz Theater in downtown Newburgh.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Gardening and drumming in Newburgh NY

I was filming Agii and Decora sowing seeds in their garden on Chambers Street in Newburgh. I noticed how Decora showed Agii how to do everthing with her hands. Smooth the soil with the palm, make the 1/4 inch trench with your forefinger and fill the trench after you have sown the seeds with forefinger and thumb.

Along comes Kazi Oliver to volunteer his help. Decora said to me, "You must film him; he is a great drummer." Kazi fished out a drum from the back of his mini-van, tapped it a few times but was not happy with it and exchanged it for another. This is his battery.

To see him playing go to:

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Waitt

The Waitt are the poetry rap group from Newburgh, NY. We met them at an open mic night at The Wherehouse on Liberty Street in Newburgh. They kindly agreed to record this to help promote our Kickstarter project for the planned outdoor exhibition of mural size prints on the wall of The Ritz Theater in Newburgh. To find details of the exhibition and how to pledge, please go to

Monday, May 7, 2012


Michael is a photographer and his friend from California is still not used to the harsh winters and humid summers here in the East. But she has been here 12 years, mostly in and around Newburgh. What does that say?

He is a member of The Waitt, six young poets and singers who rap. We filmed them for an update on our Kickstarter project. The good life in Newburgh—forthcoming event.

Friday, May 4, 2012


Taken a couple of months ago, this is a picture of Bettina Utz, Caroline's Pilates teacher.

Diverse talent

Agii is a gardener and poetry rapper in Newburgh. We met her first at an open mic night at The Wherehouse. on Liberty Street, a place where they want everybody who passes through their doors to leave knowing they have been more than welcome, and given the best burger for their money. In the back, Dan, the proprietor, once a month gives over the space to people who want to perform. They are charged nothing and encouraged to bring their own food. The place is packed.

Her garden is precisely laid out into six 4ft x 8ft raised beds where she is going to grow raspberries and strawberries. All the wood that lines the raised beds is recycled from torn down neighboring houses. The land itself was donated by her friend Decora of ReadNex Poetry Squad.

Please go to Kickstarter for details of the re-launch of my appeal for funds for my outdoor exhibition of the people of Newburgh. During our many visits to the city during the last three weeks we have received wholehearted approval for this endeavor and a cry that this exhibition must take place. Please help if you can.