Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Don't mess with me! Hurry up—take it! It's  not actually what she said but it sure looks like it. I don't always find that peaceful, enigmatic look I search for. 

But, this weekend I shall look for a face that gives a more celebratory feel, to match our reaching the Kickstarter goal earlier this week. Watch this space! 

If you or a friend were considering a pledge, Kickstarter will gladly receive them until June 5th. One's project is allowed to be over subscribed. We have indeed reached our goal, but we still need funds to pay our interns and volunteers who will be helping with printing, mounting and installation. The expert help required with the printer, and the cherry picker operator for installing the work, must also be paid.

Giving a talk at the Newburgh Library, Thursday 24th May, at 7.00 PM.

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