Thursday, June 28, 2012

Caroline and Hansel

Sadly we may be seeing less of Hansel now that he has a live-in guardian at his house in Garrison. For the last month, whenever Caroline had a day working at home or at the weekend, she would collect Hansel and bring him to our house where he would either make himself comfortable on the sofa, or on our bed alongside our dog Louis. He quickly learnt not to go anywhere near Louis' bones, or near Nutmeg, one of our cats who dislikes all other animals and most humans. Others have been doing the same thing while Hansel was temporarily without a housemate.

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  1. I love the worn red steps and banister, the creeping thin branches, and the bright green leaves. Such a nice setting for such a nice photo. When I saw it on Facebook I knew it must've been a shot by Dmitri.


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