Thursday, August 2, 2012

Show opens August 4th

This is Alaya, taken today, with her portrait taken 14 years ago. "That was my favorite t-shirt. I always wondered what happened to this picture and the proposed book. And now up it pops."

Barring storms and tempest the outdoor exhibition of mural size prints from my book
Newburgh: Portrait of a City will be up on the wall of the Ritz Theater in Newburgh NY on Saturday August 4th. The opening is at 6.00 PM, corner of Broadway and Liberty Street.

For a drink and to see more of my work, go to Ann Street Gallery (next door building on Ann Street).
Portraits of known and unknown, life-going-on and landscapes.

You may also find us at The Wherehouse, the pub on the corner of Ann and Liberty.

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