Saturday, March 28, 2015

Shay Sellars

We first saw this conspicuously elegant woman at one of Michael Green's gatherings at the Fullerton Mansion for Culture & History in Newburgh. Shortly after that we met at Martha's CafĂ©, not before Caroline had nudged me and said that I should photograph her. 

Shay lives in a recently restored house on Chambers Street where she also runs her property developing business. She had first read about the opportunities in Newburgh in a  New York Times article and was immediately interested. She needed only a glance to know it was where she wanted to be when she drove to Newburgh from her home in Bedford- Stuyvesant. So beautiful and so much opportunity to launch her redevelopment project. Her website explains this venture: click on current projects. 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Restaurant Les 5 Portes

What is it about a restaurant that draws one to it? It is never the food. The people who go  there head the list. Then comes the look and feel of the place. The welcome is important—it must be short, genuine and warm. Then the service—speedy, quiet and without cheeriness. This place, Restaurant Les 5 Portes, only a step from the center of Geneva, has all those ingredients. Good simple food too.