Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Couple cornered on Lander Street

This couple, with their shared preference for discrete earrings, go their separate ways over necklaces.  Made by his sister, his is a display of his religion. Perhaps hers is a fashion statement.

Monday, July 11, 2016


This girl was sitting among her friends on a stoop on Du Bois Street in Newburgh. After several vain attempts filming the group I singled out this young lady who held her gaze well as soon as she was away from her friends.

A women's face against her friend's chest

Across the street from where I was photographing Notorious, Caroline found two young women. After I had photographed them together, not very successfully, they were joined by their friend, a healer and fortune teller. Each tucked themselves under his arms. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Singing beauty with talent for makeup.

Bryana, who is 19 years-old, was born in Queens but now lives in Newburgh, NY. She is a singer and lives with her friend Dillon.

Where does she perform, I asked her. "It's hard to find venues in Newburgh—New Paltz is much better." She practices everyday for hours and can't imagine ever being anything but a singer which she began in church as a child. So far she has had no complaints from the neighbors about her singing practice.

She is looking for work and is considering modeling. "Meanwhile I would not mind working in a restaurant at all." 

Two of a very large household

Rhonda has several children. Here she is with her grandchild in her house on North Miller Street in Newburgh that she shares with her friend Catherine who has seven children. We visited them one day when they were giving their combined families dinner. Before dinner everybody was out in the street dancing and playing. A male member of the household cooks and helps with the children, changing diapers and playing with them.