Sunday, November 26, 2017

Cathy and Ari, NYC, 1987

This is a Polaroid I did of my daughter Cathy and Ari Marcopoulos in 1988 at our studio on Lafayette Street, NYC. Ari was briefly my assistant. He came to me after he was fired by Irving Penn for talking too much. I found the same trouble but he was very good company. I think he just left me one day to start being a photographer himself but we remained close friends. Around this time he did me a very good turn. He'd dropped by one day and I asked if he would like to stay for dinner, but he said that he couldn't, he was meeting someone. Caroline, now my wife, was also there and Ari said, "Why don't you ask her? If I were you I wouldn't turn down a meal cooked by Dmitri."

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