Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Jean Anouilh

As I am stuck over whom or what to photograph at the moment I have been looking through my old pictures and posting anything that catches my eye. Depending on your age and interest in the theater you may know who this man is. Others will assume that he is a homeless man sitting on a wall. This is not likely when I tell you it was taken in Lausanne, Switzerland in the mid 1970 when, as now, I believe, the homelessness in Lausanne is negligible.

I do remember though being driven mad by the woman journalist I was with for babbling non stop all day. I could stand it no longer at dinner after the shoot and told her so. She was quite put out and complained about me to a close mutual friend when we got back to England. He asked her how we got on. She said I was no fun at all and, "Why wouldn't he go to a night club with me?"   

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