Monday, November 9, 2009

Ten-year-old with her Spitzhauben

The chicken's name is Gravy, a German Spitzhauben, and it was the calmest and most obedient subject - very much due, I felt, to the handling skills of its owner who has ten chickens in all. She designed, and with the help of her father, built a house for them entirely out of recycled materials collected from friends' dumpsters and old materials from their own home improvements. See


  1. An adorable child with a gorgeous bird both made for a camera. Looking at the chicken, it seems as though it would be heavy on her wrist, but she doesn't make it look like that at all. I love the way her arms and hands are positioned. This is a winner.

  2. I love her shirt! And who knew chickens could be so stunning?

  3. Your subjects are so interesting, Dmitri. I wish I could just tag along behind you and interview them after your work is done. I have so many questions for this girl: how did she get involved with chickens? What are the animals like? What does she want to do when she grows up?

    I think it's the mark of a good artist/photographer when the viewer's curiousity is sparked. Well done!


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