Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Perfect Park Slope

I found a blank wall away from the throngs of young and old heading for Prospect Park, Brooklyn, on the first warm day of March. The sun bounced off the sidewalk and road. Lindsay lives in New Paltz, New York, and got herself a very good degree at Suny New Paltz only to find there were no jobs in anything she had studied so she has returned to school to train as a nurse.

Jesse was a little uncertain about having his picture taken.

"Do her alone," he said, "She's the one."

But I liked them together; she with her woolen hat and he with his shades reflecting the bare trees.

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  1. Very nice shot of a very attractive couple. Is this the only one you took or were you persuaded to take one just of her anyway? Yes, the branches on his sunglasses compliment the weave of her cap nicely. That shear white rainbow-like arc as well is a nice touch.


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