Monday, May 31, 2010

Bushwick artist and friend

As soon as people say yes to having their picture taken I start work - always afraid they will change their minds. This means I have to do them more or less where they are standing. However tempted I am to ask subjects to come with me and stand by the magnificent foxgloves in Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, I have never asked, and I doubt if I would get anybody to agree.

I also assume that everyone is on their way somewhere so this cannot turn into a morning's work. I adopt a certain speed but no rush. This couple were on a street with too much distracting contrast in the background. I didn't know what to do. Casting around I spied a
good background a hundred yards down the street. All was well: they were going that way.

You can't ask people you meet in the street to go home and change if you don't like what the are wearing. I did like what this couple were wearing though it was puzzling. We have a woman in a summer blouse but a woolen winter skirt and carrying a leather jacket on an 85 degree day.

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  1. Before I went out the morning of this photo, I called out to the Universe "Can I have a "best friend" Angel looking over me and Jorden today? Someone who can help us have some unique and memorable fun! Thank you!'. I don't usually make such requests. I saw your camera while we were leaving the coffee shop, and thought to myself out of the blue "maybe he wants to take our picture". Then while we were outside I saw you start to get up, and so I stalled in going back to the house, excited that maybe we really would get our pictures taken. I was really happy that you did ask, and that I got to meet you. It was fun to do something out of the ordinary and absolutely unexpected. I think it's clear that you acted as the "best friend" angel for us, so thank you!


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