Sunday, May 23, 2010

Chef who would

We revisited Prospect Heights and failed with the chef at Bristen's Eatery. Adamant about not having her picture taken. People either say yes or they say, "No thank you I'd rather not, or, wagging their finger, they say, "No pictures." There is no persuading them. Money would do it, I suppose. I've never tried.

Go up the road to Breukelen Café. Have a coffee and Caroline nips outside to make friends with a woman and her spaniel. Five minutes later I follow. Never mind the spaniel, the owner is special. "I'm not shy, go ahead." she says. By coincidence she is a chef. Cooks at the attractive place next door, Dutch Boy Burger.

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  1. Now that is someone who looks like she can handle working in the restaurant industry! I have great admiration for female chefs.


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