Sunday, May 23, 2010

Man from Jamaica

He was outside his apartment building on Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn. "Take it!... Take it!" he said, "and send me a copy." To the question of where he was from originally he replied, "Jamaica, and that's not Jamaica, Queens".


  1. What is needed in the technology/photography field now is a simple square digital format. We must lobby. Or is there one that exists and we don't know about it? I want the angle of view of the film 2 1/2, the quality of the lens, but not the $5K price.

    Let me know when you find one or have a petition for me to sign and I will do the same.

    Love the light and color on this shot. Got excited when I first though it was square.....

  2. The man doesn't mince his words, does he. Nice poignant shot and his expression is priceless.

  3. you took my photo today. i was babysitting Gitzo. i say hello to this man almost everyday because we live in the same building.


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