Saturday, August 6, 2011

Girl on a pink bench

"Smile and ask her." I said to Caroline. I sat in the car exhausted from driving to Pennsylvania and back the day before, then playing tennis, followed by a disturbed night. Our dog Louis tried to scare away coyotes by barking at them with his head stuck through the cat flap.

As I sat in the car I thought how unlikely it was for the girl in pajama bottoms, who had disappeared into the laundrette in Beacon, to say no to being asked by Caroline and Louis if she would have her picture taken. Louis, now an invaluable member of the team, trotted towards the launderette guided by Caroline. It was as good as done.


  1. I like how her warm organic form stands out from the mechanically uniform shapes of the washer, floor tiles, and bench. Her socks and lips tie into the color of the bench, her skin and pants tie into the color of the floor, and her shirt, glasses and cap tie into the darker shades of the laundry machines. Meanwhile the blue of the wall is a perfect offset to the pink of the bench. It almost seems completely premeditated!

  2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this must be the pinkest photo you've ever taken. And it's gorgeous. Jere..., I mean Mr. PINKhamster (no coincidence) is right in that chromatically there's a wonderful harmony going on between the subject and the forms that surround her. The coordination of colors in the room is simply good interior design, though the addition of the sitter dressed like this and captured this way allows for a stunning work of Art. Pinky's right, this kind of perfection seems unattainable without some kind of premeditated forethought.


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