Sunday, August 14, 2011

Longish hair and hay

We returned to the farm after photographing in the cow parsley to find Matthew, one of Sandy's helpers, standing by the barn. Sandy had warned him that I was on the hunt for more farm subjects and asked him to wait. I looked at the sky. We had 10 minutes, that's enough time. I dug the legs of my tripod into the mixture of hay and manure outside one of the stable doors and screwed on the camera.

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  1. Unlike the photo of Sandy, you can really tell here that the Sun is about to go down. Very little contrast and a nice overall cast of blue hue heightens the 'day is done' mood. Matthew's expression and posture though, are kind of ambiguous. His stoic smile and the way he leans on that fence for instance, suggests he's both a little exhausted though still willing to smile for the camera and offer up his best angle regardless (I take it you chose the placement).


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