Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Same girl, different chicken

Same girl eighteen months older, different chicken in new location. Daylight from windows down the entire side of an old carriage house: my studio until my fingers freeze to the camera.

The shot I missed was of her father carrying the chicken in a cage covered with a scarlet cloth across a wide lawn in the rain.


  1. Fascinating photo. The girl and the bird seem absolutely content with one another. She supports rather than grasps the creature; the bird's foot clings to her shirt without the least bit of trepidation. Her hair compliments well the coat of the bird and their expressions couldn't be more harmonious. That earlier shot please!

  2. Please click on "chicken" which you will find under "Labels" below "Posted by Dmitri Kasterine".

  3. I love the photo, but I love the title almost as much. I'd like to steal it for the name of a band or the title of a short story.


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